Yangebup Probationary Licence

Ajax Driving school has you covered for the best Probationary Licence in Yangebup .

Once you’ve satisfied the Learners permit requirements as stated by the Department of Transport, your final step will be to receive your Provisional licence. Such licences are awarded to drivers 17 years or older once they’ve completed their 25 hours of experience (as stated in their log book), six months have passed since their Phase 2 permit has been issued and they’ve passed a Hazard Perception Test.

Although you’ll be allowed to driver unsupervised, new Provisional licence holders are still restricted from driving between 12am and 5am for the next 6 months, unless they are traveling from either work or a place of study.

Learner Drivers Gift Vouchers

We can do any denomination of Lessons you need in separate gift voucher that will suit your Budget and last for 6 months of use.

The Vouchers can be paid by Credit Card over the Phone and mailed to you or Pick up in office at Canning vale if more convenient.

If you would like more info please phone us on (08) 9455 2615 and we will be happy to find the appropriate package to suit your needs.

Local Pick up available in Yangebup 6164 call now on (08) 9455 2615.

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Yangebup Driving Instructors

Lloyd Manual

Lloyd has been teaching Manual now for over 30 years and does all around suburbs covering the Willagee licence centre

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Wayne – Automatic

Wayne is a Automatic Driver who services tests at Willagee licence Centre

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