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Ajax Driving school has you covered for the best Drivers Test in Perth .

Let’s face it. No one likes taking tests. But if you’re going to drive in Western Australia, successfully passing your drivers test is a reality everyone must face. Whether you’re just starting out with a Learners Permit or graduating to a Provisional Licence, Ajax can provide both the tools and focus you need to avoid mistakes and pass with flying colors.

We’ll help walk you through the entire testing process both in the classroom and out in the field – as well as provide key tips and guidance so you know exactly what to expect when it comes time to take your exam. Don’t wait. Contact us today for more information on our test courses.

Learner Drivers Gift Vouchers

We can do any denomination of Lessons you need in separate gift voucher that will suit your Budget and last for 6 months of use.

The Vouchers can be paid by Credit Card over the Phone and mailed to you or Pick up in office at Canning vale if more convenient.

If you would like more info please phone us on (08) 9455 2615 and we will be happy to find the appropriate package to suit your needs.

Local Pick up available in Perth 6000 call now on (08) 9455 2615.

Perth driving school appointment

Perth Driving Instructors

John Rome – Automatic

John is an Auto instructor and teaches around Perth City and has a new Hyundai i 30

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