Natasha Engberg

HUGE thank you to Sue for helping me pass my driving test today! Honestly don’t think any other instructor would have been patient enough with me than Sue. Would 100% recommend her to anyone learning to drive! Trust me, you’ll have great drives with her and learn everything you need to pass your PDA in a matter of time! Thank you again so much Sue, you’re the best!

Alice Adamson

Big thank you to Sue for teaching me how to drive! Always so supportive and patient, couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor! Wouldn’t have passed my PDA without you and will be recommending you to all my friends.

Michelle Bullock

Little appreciation post to sue who taught me how to drive, couldn’t ask for someone more friendly, supportive and don’t forget patient..
There’s no way in hell would i have passed if it wasn’t for you Sue!
I recommend you to all my friends and ill continue doing so, thanks for teaching me and my older sister, honestly so thank full, take care.

Rachelle Snowden

A big Thank you from Rhiarn Snowden Mum to Nesrine for being patient and kind teaching Rhiarn how to drive I would recommend Nesrine and driving school .

Gail Adams

My daughter Shelbie had a wonderful instructor called Mary , thank you for helping her past her test I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Sharon Wendy Rance

just had first driving lesson with Ajax Driving School Perth apart for a few bad habits hes happy with me just need to relax my grip on the wheel but i parked straight and didn’t look down at the gear shift or grind during gear changers or bunny hop even reversed out of the driveway.


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