Learning To Drive In Perth

Are you thinking about driving lessons? Are you excited about learning to drive in Perth, Australia? You should be. Having a driver’s license opens up a world of possibility, but it is also a very serious matter. Learning to drive correctly can save both your life and the lives of others. It will also prevent you from hefty fines and penalty points that can severely deter your travel options.

Your best option is to take driving lessons with a qualified and experienced driving instructor. These instructors are sought after across Australia. Ajax Driving School in Perth has some of the best instructors in the entire country, and your safety is their first concern.

 Learn How To Drive Safely

Learning how to drive does not have to be complicated, but there is a lot to learn. This is why you need quality instruction that is geared to you getting the most out of every lesson. Some driving schools hurry students through so they can get on to the next class, but this isn’t an effective way to teach sought-after skills that will be used throughout a student’s life. When you learn how to drive safely and correctly, you reach a true milestone in your adult life.

Perth is one of the safest cities in Australia, which is one reason it is such a popular tourist destination. Folks enjoy the Mediterranean climate and helpful, friendly residents. One of the ways they keep the streets safe is by enforcing city laws, and that extends to the roadways.

Tough driving laws are a given in Perth. It is very easy to lose your license which is why driving lessons are of utmost importance.

Driving Rules In Perth

Seat belt laws are strict in Perth. Drivers who are not wearing their seat belt will be fined on the spot and the driver will receive demerit points. These points will increase insurance premiums. Drivers start with 12 points and if they reach zero, they are banned from operating a motor vehicle.

Roadblocks are common as a way to catch drunk drivers, and they are particularly popular in Western Australia. You must stop at all roadblocks and follow the directions of the police officers. The legal blood alcohol level in Perth is 0.05 percent.

Cameras are everywhere in Perth. They are operated 24 hours a day and are used to catch speeding vehicles and other road infractions. The cameras aren’t just on stop lights, either. They are often hidden behind bus stops and bushes. Speeders are fined immediately and will receive demerit points.

Steps To Take

If you are 16 years of age, you can apply for a learner’s permit in Perth. You will then be able to take driving lessons. At 17 years old you will be allowed to take the practical driving assessment. If you pass this, you can then move on the phase 2 of your learner’s permit.

As you can see, learning to drive in Perth is not something you can do over the weekend. Qualified instruction is key if you want to pass the assessment tests administered by the Driving and Vehicles Services Centres.

If you are ready to expand your horizons by learning how to drive, sign up today with Ajax Driving School. Don’t wait!

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